Complete Guide to Austin Breweries


Best Austin Breweries Guide

Austin has become a popular destination for a younger demographic looking for great food, a thriving music scene, and plenty of open space. Austin’s food is one of its most appealing features. It’s long been known for its expertly smoked BBQ and delectable Tex-Mex fare. However, enterprising entrepreneurs have expanded the city’s love of meat to include some fantastic ramen, pizza, and burgers. A thriving food scene complements excellent beer. And Austin has plenty of them. In fact, some of Austin’s best breweries also have outstanding kitchens. We’ve compiled a list of the seven best breweries in Austin to help you navigate the diverse landscape of the city’s craft breweries.

North Austin Breweries

4th Tap Brewing Cooperative

10615 Metric Boulevard, Austin, 78758

Spacious worker-owned microbrewery with picnic tables & a projector screen in an industrial taproom. 4th Tap is a small, worker-owned brewery located in North Austin. A couple of Austin-natives banded together with a few transplants from Houston, San Antonio, and Corpus Christi to build the 4th Tap brewery in their old stomping grounds of North Central Austin. After 6 years of preparation, research (drinking beers) and development (brewing beers), we finally opened their doors to the public in late 2015 with a focus on using inspired ingredients to make honest beer. We’ve been brewing and sharing our beer ever since. We designed the taproom to for our community and neighborhood in mind. It is meant to be a gathering space for all, and home for us. Come by, introduce yourself, and join us for a beer or two. –

Adelbert’s Brewery

2314 Rutland Drive, Austin, 78758

Since its founding in 2011, Adelbert’s Brewery has grown to become an award-winning microbrewery in Austin, Texas. We believe excellent beer requires quality ingredients and hands-on brewing. We use non-GMO Bohemian floor malted barley, Noble hops, and fresh yeast propagated at the brewery. Adelbert’s Brewery is a tribute to our founder Scott Hovey’s brother, George Adelbert “Del” Hovey. Del always took time to enjoy a beer with family and friends, recounting his travels from around the world. Our mainstay beers are named after stories Del loved to tell. We took his spirit of adventure and put it into each beer. With our vast array of beer styles, you’re sure to find a brew that suits you. Scott, founder and brewmaster of Adelbert’s Brewery, believes in brewing the beer he likes to drink. –

Austin Beerworksh43001 Industrial Terrace, Austin, 78758

Austin, these are the folks who brew your beer. We’ve got backgrounds ranging from military, hair styling, pro disc golf, corporate finance, and some it’s probably best not to discuss publicly. The one thing we all have in common? A deep love and knowledge of craft beer. That and seeing people trip. We know it’s mean, but it makes us laugh. There’s nothing like drinking our beers fresh out of the tank. Sure it’s 103 degrees and you’re standing on a concrete floor next to a hot tank and velvet painting of Sloth from the Goonies – but don’t forget that drinking out of the tank thing. –

Black Star Co-Op

7020 Easy Wind Drive, Austin, 78752

Locally brewed & housemade craft beers & bar food in large industrial space with pet-h4patio. We take h4 in being a cooperative brewpub located in Austin, Texas. Serving refreshing housemade, local craft beers on a seasonal rotation. We are owned by a community of more than 3,000 individuals and organizations, and we’re democratically managed by our Workers’ Assembly. Co-operatives are businesses owned by the people that purchase or manage their services. You don’t have to be a member-owner to come to the brewpub, but supporting Black Star Co-op means supporting livable wages, democratic workplaces, local farms, and quality products from your community brewpub! The best way to be involved in the Co-op is to own it. If you love us, support local businesses, believe in sustainable practices, agree with fair labor treatment, and enjoy good beer, we encourage you to become a member. –


6015 Dillard Circle, Austin, 78752

Whether it’s high-quality hops, grain, water and yeast combined to craft the perfect beer or a group of folks hitting it off over an afternoon of pints, something truly magical happens when the right elements come together to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts. Chris has been honing his beer recipes and brewing process over the last decade and has taken home over 125 awards from homebrew competitions nationwide. Although he loves to brew all styles, he’s most passionate about the classic German beer styles, so you’ll see some German influence throughout our beer lineup and in other ways as well. Our garage brewery has served as a laboratory for many wild experiments and late nights of entertaining neighbors, friends and fellow brewers who have encouraged him to consider making his hobby a profession. As residents of north Austin, we have been dreaming of a neighborhood brewpub to spend afternoons and evenings in the company of friends and family, sipping on quality house-crafted beer and enjoying great food in a casual beer garden atmosphere where everyone and their dog (literally) is welcome. We’ve developed the concept for The Brewtorium with this in mind…100% locally-owned and operated, dog-friendly, comfortable, unique and community-focused. With old-world tradition and an Austin state of mind, we’re thrilled to be bringing the reality of The Brewtorium to the Highland neighborhood. Members of the Texas Craft Brewers Guild, Brewers Association, Master Brewers Association of the Americas and the Austin Zealots homebrew club, we feel so fortunate to be in the company of so many amazing Austin craft brewers and enthusiasts who push us to be better, learn more, stay true to our roots and put quality at the forefront of everything we do at The Brewtorium.  –

Celis Brewing

10001 Metric Boulevard, Austin, 78758

Come be part of the legendary magic of Celis in our one-of-a-kind Copper Kettle Taproom. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Pierre’s original witbiers and Christine’s new ones in an Old World-inspired tasting room that’s unlike any other in Austin. The first Celis Brewery opened on July 11th in 1992. It was an immediate success. Turns out Texans really liked our beer! Before we “crazy Belgians” arrived, most Texans were drinking one of “the big three” brands on the market. The small craft breweries that we all know and love today simply did not exist. When Pierre Celis started brewing his beloved beer, he created a craft beer that changed everything. –

Circle Brewing

2340 W Braker Lane, Austin, 78758

In 2010, Circle Brewing Co. was founded by childhood friends, Ben Sabel and Judson Mulherin. We began with little money and an over-abundance of passion. With some help from our friends and family, we pooled the money to retain a lease and start construction on the brewery in March of that year. After a long and grueling buildout, a few equipment delays, and a peppering of a little good and a little bad luck, we brewed our first batch of beer on December 9th, 2010, our ENVY Amber. Since 2010, we have been abiding by the philosophy that less is more. Circle endeavors to create better beer using simply water, malt, hops, yeast, and absolutely nothing else.We’ve come quite a way since then, and we continue to push ourselves, learn new things, and experiment in our brewing. –

Draught House

4112 Medical Parkway, Austin, 78756

This hip brewpub’s vast craft-beer menu includes a few made on-site, plus food-truck grub outside. To build the Draught House, a home was demolished and a cellar dug for beer. A hand built bar, tables, and chairs were added to the Tudor/Bavarian structure. Exposed cedar beams and wainscoting finished out the rustic “Texas meets the Old Country” pub. Wayne placed eighteen beer towers on the bar top and opened the doors on June 30th, 1969. And for 25 years the Overtons ran what was likely the best place in Texas to drink draught beer. All of the beers are unfiltered and no clarifying agents are used. Our beers are fresh, clean and hoppy in the way that only brewpubs can make them. –

Flying Man Brewing

2400 Patterson Industrial Drive, Austin, 78660

At Flying Man Brewing we have taken great pride in our taproom and outdoor areas. As soon as you walk in you enter an immense aviation themed brewery. Our taproom is family-friendly and of course dogs are always welcome. We were inspired by the 1930’s art deco era of flight and we incorporated that theme throughout the space. The taproom is a large 2300 s/f area which we have taken great pride to make our guests as comfortable as possible. When we have those cooler days we have excellent heaters to warm up the space. We have tons of room for games, music and much more. At the end of the day we are all about providing an amazing place to come drink and hang out. –

North by Northwest Brewing

10010 N Capital of Texas Highway, Austin, 78759

North by Northwest came into existence from an idea that I had many years ago – that great craft-brewed beer and fabulous food could come together in a fun and interesting atmosphere. I chose the name North by Northwest because I wanted to convey the image of the Northwest where many brewpubs and micro-breweries got their start. Once settling on the name, the architecture and the image flowed naturally. Stone and wood are combined with the high vaulted ceiling to create the feel of those great lodges in our Northwest National parks.We have urbanized it a bit with the steel structure and industrial designed light fixtures. The Brewery Tower is a prominent feature along with the NXNW grain silos. The one directly in front of the Brewery Tower is a functioning silo full of 25,000 lbs. of barley – the major component of the beer-making process. All the beers at NXNW are brewed right on site inside the Tower. –

Oskar Blues

10420 Metric Boulevard, Austin, 78758

Leading the Craft Brew In A Can Movement, Oskar Blues Brewery exclusively cans our craft beer. Landmark microbrewery known for a hand-crafted beer that serves a range of Creole, Cajun & BBQ eats. In 2002, in the funky little town of Lyons, Colorado, we shattered craft beer convention by stuffing our voluminously hopped mutha of a brew, Dale’s Pale Ale, into a portable, crushable, infinitely recyclable can. Craft beer in a can stays fresher for longer, and it’s easy to pack in (and pack out) on any soul-saving adventure. We now operate breweries in Colorado, North Carolina, and Texas to provide craft beer in a can to all 50 states, Washington, D.C. and 17 other countries. –

Pinthouse Pizza

4729 Burnet Road, Austin, 78756

Pinthouse Pizza was founded by six guys who share a passion for craft beer and good food. We love Austin, and we are excited to help contribute to the energy and originality that make Austin a vibrant community. Our goal is to serve award-winning beer and hand-crafted pizza in a warm and casual setting. From our hops vendors to our produce supplier to our sausage house and to our soda distributor, Pinthouse Pizza focuses on quality and sustainability. Where possible, we’ve worked to source locally and organic to support both the ecology and our friends and neighbors. Pinthouse Pizza is a member brewery, and our Director of Brewing – Joe Mohrfeld is a past board member and chaired the education and safety committee. Pinthouse Pizza is a craft brewpub. Our goal: to serve award-winning beer and amazing pizza in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Uncultured Ales

12307 Roxie Dr. #206, Austin, 78729

Uncultured Ales is a small-batch brewery established in 2016. They make mixed culture and spontaneous oak barrel-aged sour beers, mostly stuff they enjoy drinking. –

Downtown Austin Breweries

Central District Brewing

417 Red River Street, 78701

Central District Brewing is a small batch brewery with a community-focused taproom. We are featuring an amazing craft beer from other Central Texas craft breweries while our beer conditions in our tanks. Central District Brewing is a small batch brewery with a community-focused taproom. We are featuring an amazing craft beer from other Central Texas craft breweries while our beer conditions in our tanks. The central business district of Austin used to be the home of many breweries that unfortunately have all closed: City Brewery (1877), Steam Brewery (1878), Armadillo Brewing/Katie Bloom’s (1995), Stone House Brewery (1995), Waterloo Brewing (2001), The Bitter End (2005), Copper Tank (2005), Lovejoy’s (2012). We are excited to bring brewing back to downtown Austin! Brewpubs were illegal in Texas until 1993, so thank you Billy Forrester of Waterloo Brewing for lobbying to get HB1425 passed! –

Dripping Springs & West Austin Breweries

Acopon Brewing

211 W. Mercer Street, Dripping Springs, 78620

A long time ago on an island across the pond, when US craft beer was still in its formative years, we fell in love with traditional English ales. Bitters, Milds, Old Ales, Porters, best when fresh from a cask! At Acopon Brewing Co., English ales are our specialty. And our plan is to have at least one fresh cask every week. That’s not to say English ales are all we will ever brew. Good beer is good beer. We love everything from hoppy west-coast style IPA’s to big bold Russian Imperial Stouts. Stop by for an ale to restore your mind, body, and spirit. –

Double Horn Brewing Co.

208 Avenue H, Marble Falls, 78654

Double Horn Brewing Co. offers a range of craft beers paired with your choice of classy-to-comfort foods. The atmosphere ranges from classy to come as you are, so no matter the day or occasion you and your friends will be comfortable at this airy brewpub. –

Family Business Beer

19510 Hamilton Pool Road, Dripping Springs, 78620

We are a family-owned brewery on 15 acres just outside Austin in Dripping Springs. Come relax in the hill country and enjoy a wide variety of hand-crafted beers and one of Austin’s finest food trucks. Bring your family and come meet ours! We are kid-friendly, and even have a special place they can call their own. Check our events page for updates on special gatherings and live music schedules. What else can bring people together better than good beer, good music, and good food? Nothing! That’s why we got into this business! And we’re loving every minute of it. –

Hitmaker Brewing Co.

1160 Circle Drive, Austin, 78736

The Hitmaker Brewing Co. is the brainchild of long-time associates and friends who have mastered a niche. With more than 25 years in the bar/restaurant industry the founders have an appreciation for the transformative nature of brewing that combines the art and science of brewing. –

Infamous Brewing Company

4602 Weletka Drive, Austin, 78734

Infamous Brewing was founded by a group of people who shared a passion for quality beer and the goal of delivering great handmade craft beer in small batches. Despite coming from very diverse backgrounds, we were all drawn to the craft and the excitement of the ever-growing craft beer scene in Austin. We built our initial brewhouse from the ground up. We did not buy a pre-fabricated system because we believed that we could replicate that on our own. We also couldn’t afford a shiny new system without asking other people to pay for it. So piece by piece and part by part over a nine-month period, we built the system that we are currently brewing on. Come take a look – it’s pretty cool what a few dudes, nine months and a bunch of beer can do! –

Jester King Brewery

13187 Fitzhugh Road, Austin, 78736

Jester King Brewery is a world-renowned maker of farmhouse ales and barrel-aged wild ales located on 165 acres of farmland on the outskirts of Austin, TX. Established in 2010, Jester King is an authentic brewer of farmhouse ales connected to a time, place and people. Our philosophy is to work in partnership with nature to create beer unique to our natural surroundings. Over the years, we’ve grown into a welcoming destination for people of all ages to enjoy food, drink, friends, family, and community. We invite you to visit us and enjoy all that our brewery, restaurant, farm, event hall and 165 acres of preserved land has to offer! Jester King is an authentic farmhouse brewery committed to mixed culture and spontaneous fermentation. Our beers incorporate well water, local grains, hops aged in our barn, local fruits and vegetables, foraged plants, and native yeast and bacteria so as to make beer uniquely tied to a time, place, and people. Our inspiration comes from the classic farmhouse breweries of Europe that embrace principles of subtlety, restraint, patience, full attenuation, and interesting fermentation character.

Last Stand Brewing

12345 Pauls Valley Road, Austin, 78737

Last Stand Brewing, founded in 2015, is a picturesque destination brewery in the Texas Hill Country with an inviting taproom w/ large beer garden and on-site food truck. Our motto is “big attention to small details” which results in a variety of high-quality beers. We aim to be a place where friends and families can gather as we welcome you into our owner’s second home! We have a 15 barrel brewhouse with three 30 BBL, four 15 BBL and two 7 BBL fermenters. We use the taproom as our testing playground, where we regularly release test batches for the market and just-for-fun beers. Keep an eye on our social media for upcoming events, special tappings and more! –

Oasis Texas Brewing

6550 Comanche Trail, Austin, 78732

Brewery with a view & live music serving casual American fare & brewing session beer in-house. Oasis Texas Brewing Company, located in a state-of-the-art brewing facility in the heart of the Hill Country, is poised to charm beer fans with artfully crafted beers both in cans and on draft. With an experienced team of brewers led by Austin’s own Spencer Tielkemeier, Oasis, Texas Brewing Co. is committed to serving fresh, flavorful craft beers for savvy drinkers. At its core, it’s a quaffable drink that you can have more than one of. It’s more than just a drinkable beer though. We are always innovating. We strive to create unique beers with the highest regard for quality, consistency, and flavor. –

Pecan Street Brewing

106 East Pecan Drive, Johnson City, 78636

Pecan Street Brewing is a friendly neighborhood brewpub that serves up a variety of dishes alongside its own microbrews in a casual, friendly environment. Saturday nights you are treated to live music from local bands, who you can enjoy out on the patio under a beautiful Texas night in the hill country. –

Real Ale Brewing Company

231 San Saba Ct, Blanco, TX 78606

This homegrown brewery has been brewing handcrafted ales that are unfiltered, unpasteurized, and available only in Texas since 1996. They start with water straight out of the Blanco River and use the highest quality ingredients and let nature do the rest. They believe doing less to the beer is what creates a more complex and flavorful aroma. Taking time allows the ingredients to shine and flourish. The taproom is open Wednesday through Sunday, they offer free tours on Fridays and Saturdays. –

Save The World Brewing

1510 Resource Parkway, Marble Falls, TX 78654

Back in 2012, husband and wife team, Dave and Quynh Rathkamp decided to swap their jobs as physicians to open America’s first 100% philanthropic production craft brewery, specializing in artisanal Belgian style ales. Years of perfecting their recipes and using only the finest grains, hops and yeast, resulted in some of the best ales you’ll find out in The Hill Country. –

Suds Monkey Brewing

1032 Canyon Bend Drive, Dripping Springs, 78620

Conveniently located right off HWY 290, halfway between Belterra Village and Headwaters, in Dripping Springs, the beautiful Hill Country wedding capital of Texas. Our nano-brewery features simple yet complex brews made with love and passion for the art of the craft.Suds Monkey is a lifelong dream of Greg Plummer, our founder, and head brewer. Our goal is to offer great beers and an outstanding, friendly experience to our patrons. Our casual warehouse taproom offers fun for all. We are family and pet-friendly. Please stop by, chat with the locals and get the inside scoop on our mascot, Suds Monkey. We promise that you will have a great time and enjoy your visit. –

Treaty Oak Brewing

16604 Fitzhugh Road, Dripping Springs, 78620

Treaty Oak Brewing is both a family and dog friendly establisment. It is built out on a 27-acre ranch in the hill country with a full bar, kitchen and play area including cornhole and washers games. The bar is housed in a large barn-like structure, serves draft beer, wine and craft cocktails. –

Twisted X Brewing
23455 Ranch to Market Road 150, Dripping Springs, 78620

The Twisted X Brewing Company, located in beautiful Dripping Springs, offers up an array of our finest small-batch craft beers. We take great pride in sourcing the finest ingredients along with thorough attention to detail in every batch that we produce. The result is a flight of superior craft lagers, pilsners, IPAs, as well as many others. We are constantly developing new recipes with our 3-barrel pilot system. These beers are excellent and worth experiencing and are only available in our tasting room. We encourage you to drop by the brewery to see the latest creations from our “brew crew”. We are never satisfied in our never-ending quest for creativity. –

Vista Brewing
13551 Ranch to Market Road 150, Driftwood, 78619

Vista is a destination brewery located just outside of Austin at the gateway to the Central Texas Wine Trail in Driftwood, TX. Our holistic approach to hyper-local, delicious food and beverages captures the beauty and bounty of the Texas Hill Country. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy acres of a beer garden and ranch views at Vista’s brewery, restaurant, and farm. Vista’s onsite farm, apiary, orchard, foraged plants, and aquifer-fed water well enables our Brewmaster, Chef, and Farmer to work hand in hand to serve finely crafted beers, perfectly paired with seasonal menus that capture the freshest flavors of the Texas Hill Country. We’re brewing beer perfect for enjoying in the shade of an old oak tree. Our recipes are influenced by European traditions, with our own signature interpretation. We’ll have a range of styles, all balanced, approachable, low abv. Crisp and dry on the palate, but at the same time, soft and drinkable. –

Wimberley Brewing Co.

9595 Ranch Road 12, Wimberley, 78676

Wimberley Brewing Co. is a spacious, easygoing, family-operated pie parlor & microbrewery with patio seating. They are proudly offering nine unique, all-grain, unpasteurized craft beers. There isn’t a pizza you get that you won’t enjoy and the beers are even better. –

South Austin Breweries

(512) Brewing

407 Radam Lane, Austin, 78745

We’re pioneers in craft beer, especially in our local market. When we began in 2008, there were only 2 other breweries in Austin and no dominant IPA. Our local draft market was full of Ambers and Lagers. They were great, but this was during the IPA boom!… Now (512) IPA is the IPA of Austin, especially on draft, and our legendary Pecan Porter and Whiskey Barrel-Aged Double Pecan Porter (WBADPP) are sought after around the country. Cellar Sessions is an intimate live music experience we host inside the brewery where we record and film a musical artist in a unique setting. You can find updates on upcoming Cellar Sessions and ticket availability by following our social media outlets and also by emailing our lead producer, James. During a Cellar Sessions taping you can tip the band and purchase extra beer tickets or merchandise from both the artist and the brewery. –


150 S. LBJ Dr., San Marcos, 78666

AquaBrew is a unique brewpub located in downtown San Marcos TX. Serving delicious food, cocktails and their own celebrated craft ales such as the popular Swine Dive IPA, San Marcos Blonde, Ape-Pricot Wheat Ale, and Skyscraper IPA. –

Austin Beer Garden & Brewery (ABGB)

1305 W Oltorf Street, Austin, 78704

Beer Makes It Better. We believe our beer has the power to make everything better. A fresh, hot pizza. A nice big Muffaletta sandwich. A great band on Saturday night. And hanging out in the shade of our beer garden with your pup, friends, and fellow Austinites. We also believe our beer has the power to make our entire community better. We strive to take beer’s innate goodness and put it into action improving our neighborhood, city, and the lives of lots of folks. –

Guadalupe Brewing Co.

1580 Wald Road, New Braunfels, 78132

The Guadalupe Brewing Co. focuses on full flavored, well balanced & approachable Craft Beer using natural ingredients.  –

Faust Brewing Co.

240 S. Seguin Ave., New Braunfels, 78130

The Faust Brewing Company has been open to the public since 1998 and sticks to its German heritage and culture. The German prowess of beer drinking and beer making is legendary and continues the tradition with its original and varied line of ales. –

Independence Brewing

3913 Todd Lane #607, Austin, 78744

Enjoy our classic favorites, seasonal and limited releases, and brewery-exclusive beers while relaxing in our laid-back taproom. With brewery tours, live original music, and special food events, the Independence tap room is likely to become your favorite place in south Austin! Starting a brewery, the idea sounded crazy to their family and friends back in 2004, but Amy and Rob Cartwright knew what they were up against. They knew the “big guys” brew millions of barrels a year, on automated equipment worth millions of dollars, with super-sized advertising budgets. But Amy and Rob Cartwright had to brew beer, their own beer. And they had to share it with Texas. Our talented crew has grown over the years, but the passion for great beer has never wavered. And that is a passion we instill in every bottle and can that comes off the line, onto the truck, into your local store, and into your homes. We labor to produce our hand-crafted gift for Texas. –

Kamala Brewing at The Whip In

1950 South IH35, Austin, TX 78704

Starting as a neighborhood corner store back in 1986, this locally-owned store has transformed into an Austin icon. On any given night you can find 70 beers on tab, full wine list, and some delicious bites. Offering a wide variety of IPA, ales, ciders, lagers, stouts, and much more, you are sure to find one or more favorites. Grab a pint and a seat out in the patio and enjoy some live music at this cozy south Austin corner store classic. –

Middleton Brewing

101 Oakwood Loop, San Marcos, TX 78666

Middleton Brewing is a 10 barrel brewpub founded in the summer of 2011 by Kim and Dennis Middleton. After moving to Texas from California kim and Dennis had a dream to open a brewpub where people could enjoy a wide array of quality brews while enjoying the natural beauty of the Hill Country. Brewing an extensive collection of ales perfectly suited for the Texas Hill Country. This laid back inviting brewery also offers a wide array of wine and locally made cider. –

New Braunfels Brewing Co.

180 West Mill St, New Braunfels, 78130

New Braunfels Brewing Company is a small artisan craft brewery located in Historic Downtown New Braunfels, TX. Their beers focus on unique flavors with a slant to the contrarian. –

Nomadic Beerworks

3804 Woodbury Dr Suite A, Austin, 78704

Nomadic Beerworks is a startup brewery located in Austin, Texas. Our company is on an endless journey to travel toward and seek out authentic experiences that bring us to life! We draw inspiration from people, cuisines, and cultures from all over the globe in order to brew one of a kind beers. Our journey knows no bound. Nomadic Beerworks’ philosophy toward life is that no one should ever settle for anything less than extraordinary. If you have a dream you must move toward it! This brewery is our founders’ dream. Nomadic Beerworks was founded in 2017 by two brothers on a mission to share their passion with their community. –

Orf Brewing

4700-F Burle­son Road, Austin, 78744

Orf Brewing is based in south Austin, in an area of town that is rapidly becoming a “brewery row” of sorts. (Can you say “brewery tour bus?”) We work out of a 1500 sq. ft. bay in a warehouse strip populated by a such industrial small businesses as a motorcycle parts store, a custom woodworker, an auto body shop, and more. We do have a nice big tree out in front of our roll-up door that can potentially be used as a small biergarden. As of March 2017, our beers are in the wild! Due to the small size at the outset, we are only able to supply a handful of bars in the Austin area. Our warehouse space (and beergarden!) will be open for tours and tastings on weekends or select weeknights once we have the whole production and sales processes smoothed out a bit. –

Pinthouse Pizza

4236 S Lamar Boulevard, Austin, 78704

Pinthouse Pizza was founded by six guys who share a passion for craft beer and good food. We love Austin, and we are excited to help contribute to the energy and originality that make Austin a vibrant community. Our goal is to serve award-winning beer and hand-crafted pizza in a warm and casual setting. From our hops vendors to our produce supplier to our sausage house and to our soda distributor, Pinthouse Pizza focuses on quality and sustainability. Where possible, we’ve worked to source locally and organic to support both the ecology and our friends and neighbors. Pinthouse Pizza is a member brewery, and our Director of Brewing – Joe Mohrfeld is a past board member and chaired the education and safety committee. Pinthouse Pizza is a craft brewpub. Our goal: to serve award-winning beer and amazing pizza in a warm and inviting atmosphere. –

Roughhouse Brewing

680 Oakwood Loop, San Marcos, 78666

Roughhouse Brewing is a family-owned and operated craft brewery in the Texas Hill Country. Located on the Pasternak family ranch in San Marcos, the brewery serves crisp and refreshing, farmhouse-style beer that’s made for Texas. –

Skull Mechanix Brewing

1005 E St Elmo Road, Austin, 78745

South Austin brewery with seven beers on tap plus cider with distinctly “metal” overtones. Skull Mechanix Brewing is located in South Austin, Texas. We collectively have over 40 years experience in the Craft Beer movement in which we focus on the finer mechanics of your skull. Created with the freshest ingredients we can find, our beer is designed to stimulate how you see, smell, and taste our dedication to craftsmansip . We quietly opened our doors on February 19th, 2018, but we have been working on this project for many years. Owner Jeff Willis has been on the forefront of the craft beer scene since 2005, working in some of the most influential beer bars in the country. From The Ginger Man in Austin to Backcountry Pizza in Boulder, Colorado, and finally his own Tap and Handle in Fort Collins, Colorado , Jeff has had the pleasure meet and work with some of the finest breweries in the world. –

St Elmo Brewing

440 E St Elmo Road, Austin, 78745

St Elmo Brewing Company was started by two guys that love beer. They love sharing it, drinking it, and most of all, making it. St Elmo Brewing Company is dedicated to brewing Exceptional beer for our neighbors. We love all styles of beer and people. You’ll find both in our beer garden. Bar, brewery & beer garden with rotating craft taps & an on-site food trailer for mostly Asian fare. We have 5 gal kegs available to take home! Please note a keg deposit is required to complete your keg order. –

Strange Land Brewery

5904 Bee Cave Road, Austin, 78746

These are nouns we’re told to respect, to honor, to remember, to stay true to. And yet, every moment in the past was once modern, and every passed-modern moment had a hint of the future—an eye focused beyond the glass in front of it. Our story is not unlike many a beer journeyman before us—we’re intoxicated with the mystery of fermentation, the possibilities of taste, and chasing after unexplored horizons. Our goal is simply to make beer. Strange Land Brewery will be closing our tasting room hours effective immediately to prepare for our big move. Look for our new tasting room hours and address announcement coming soon. Cheers! –

Thirsty Planet Brewing

8201 S Congress Avenue, Austin, 78745

Tasting room of a local craft brewery that also offers weekly tours of their production facilities. At Thirsty Planet Brewing, Co., we believe our purpose is multi-faceted. It begins with just good, old-fashioned passion for beer. We are inspired by the history of beer, its humble, but amazing beginnings, the way it brings people together, and its unbelievable versatility. We believe that the best way to share our enthusiasm for life is through the perfect beer. Our Thirsty Planet crew is devoted to brewing with a purpose and are committed to quenching the thirst of this planet through each sip of beer and through the charitable organizations we support. Gratuities from our tasting room are donated to a different charity each month, every year over half of the proceeds from our Silverback Pale Ale sales support the Mountain Gorilla Conservation Fund, and each year we donate to and sponsor as many local charities as possible. –

Two Wheel Brewing

535 S. Loop 4, Buda, 78610

Sit back, relax, and sip on any of our six brews on tap including large and small batch brews, and brewery-exclusive beers. With events, live music, food trucks, and brewery tours, Two Wheel Brewing is likely to become your favorite brewery just south of south Austin! Marc brewed his first beer on a homebrew kit he received as a Christmas present. After the first taste of that simple Stout, he fell in love with creating and drinking beer. He continued to homebrew and read every book about brewing he could find. Next on the agenda was attending a brewing school. Marc studied Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering at American Brewer’s Guild in Middlebury, VT and graduated in July of 2012. After returning to Austin, he began to dream of owning a brewery. He somehow convinced his wife it was a good idea and Two Wheel Brewing Company was born. –

East Austin Breweries

Blue Owl Brewing

2400 E Cesar Chavez Street, Austin, 78702

We started Blue Owl to make sour beers approachable. Like the salsa on your taco, sourness in a beer should accentuate what’s already there instead of dominating your taste buds. Our aim is to produce clean, well-balanced beers that retain the characteristics of their style. Approachable to us also meant your experience in our taproom. We want to make you feel welcome, whether you’re looking to hang out with some friends or nerd out about beer science. Lastly, our focus on approachability led us package primarily in cans. We strive to make consistent, affordable sours in a can you’re proud to hold at a party. Blue Owl is owned by Jeff Young (brewing) and Suzy Shaffer (business), and staffed by a small gang dedicated to making and serving their absolute favorite beers. –

Brewer’s Table

4715 E 5th Street, Austin, 78702

We love food as much as we love beer as much as we love food, and our brewing philosophy reflects the kitchen, the seasons, and the unrelenting sunshine of central Texas. The beer lineup focuses heavily on the versatility of lagers and the influence and beauty of wood in fermentation. In fact, to say we’re heavily lager forward is to ignore the fact that our current menu consists entirely of foedered lagerbier. This was not an accident. With absolutely no disrespect toward ales, we want to push the boundaries of what lagers can be. And, you know what, we’ll slip an ale in there a some point in time. Much like the fluidity of the kitchen menu, the house beers reflect our experimental nature. While we hold tight to two core beers, even these will adapt and evolve with our palates and our temperaments. –

Friends & Allies Brewing

979 Springdale Road, Austin, 78702

Tasting room with taps, patio & beer garden serving draft & canned craft beer made on-site. Unique brews with a beautiful, dog-friendly patio lined with a jasmine lattice. Nice place to hang out and have a craft beer or two. Perfect to come here to relax and enjoy a good beer after climbing. Plenty of outdoor seating and it is connected to Austin Eastciders for those who aren’t big fans of beer! –

Hi Sign Brewing

1201 Bastrop Highway, Austin, 78742

Craft Brewery in Austin Texas making fresh ales with the best ingredients. Surrounded by family and friends enjoying local craft beer along the banks of the Blackfoot river, at the end of hi sign road in the mountains of Montana is where hi sign brewing originated. We believe in brewing the freshest beer with the best ingredients to be enjoyed by passionate craft beer drinkers alike. What began as an idea in 2010 in the mountains of Montana, is now a tasting room and beer garden in east Austin serving some of the highest quality beer around. We hope you enjoy our beer as much as we love brewing it. We are dog friendly & family friendly, we are not smoke friendly.-

Hops and Grain

507 Calles Street, Austin, 78702

Sustainable microbrewery offering tours, a taproom with handcrafted ales & grain-based dog biscuits. Hops and Grain is a local Austin brewery that produces hand-crafted ales and handmade dog treats. We are very passionate about our craft and strive to create sustainability in everything that we do. By following, you affirm that you’re 21+. Hops & Grain is an award winning craft Brewery in Austin, Texas. Passion for crafting the best beer in an environmentally responsible manner is what drives us. We’ve built sustainable practices into all aspects of our business, including recycling the spent brewing grains to make dog treats, canning our beer, donating 1% of our profits to environmental causes, and sourcing our ingredients from local and green providers. –

Lazarus Brewing

1902 E 6th Street, Austin, 78702

Cozy brewery for house beers sold only on-premise, plus root beer, kombucha, espresso & house tacos. Now we’ve built our own – a 10 barrel system with a cozy little taproom for you and your friends – right here in the heart of East Austin. Where you ask? How about East 6th & Chicon, right across from Whisler’s? (Yeah, we thought you’d like it.) We’re not trying to change the world, but we are trying to change here – to make our little neighborhood even better than it already is. Coffee, beer and tacos can help. –

Live Oak Brewing

1615 Crozier Lane, Del Valle, 78617

Since 1997, Live Oak Brewing Company has been committed to producing delicious lagers and ales for the enjoyment of passionate beer drinkers of Austin, Texas, and beyond. We employ an old-world style of brewing rarely found in America but practiced extensively throughout central Europe. We source only the best authentic ingredients, and use a time-consuming mash and secondary lagering process. The result has achieved both regional and national acclaim, but more importantly, the satisfaction of loyal beer drinkers who appreciate our beer-making efforts. In 2015 we moved out of our home of 19 years in East Austin. Our new brewery, nestled among majestic groves of live oaks along the Colorado River, is just minutes from downtown Austin. Our new location features a spacious taproom and the shadiest Biergarten in town. We opened our doors to the public in February 2016 and hope you’ll come see us soon! –

Oddwood Ales

3108 Manor Road, Austin, 78723

Oddwood Ales is a small brewpub in east Austin. We focus almost solely on American style wild ales and hoppy pale ales but also aim to fill our tap wall with the best representations of many beer types–either from our own tanks or from our friends around town. Our food menu consists small thin crust bar pizzas and other Italian fare. To complement this, we’ve pulled together a list of Italian wines with help from Alex Bell of Aviary Wine & Kitchen. Our space was designed first and foremost as a cozy neighborhood pub. We have free arcades machines, large comfortable wooden chairs around small and large tables, and outside seating that is pet friendly. –

Southern Heights Brewing

6014 Techni Center Drive, Austin, 78721

This colorful craft brewery & large tap room with a variety of house-brewed beer on tap & free wifi. Southern Heights Brewing Co. is charming in its simplicity. Walking through the door one is immediately confronted with a chalkboard menu of beer, light colored wooden tables, and a wall of fermenters and brewing equipment. There’s a shipping container to walk under, but other than that, the space is pretty straightforward. It’s a brewery, so get a beer already, the venue seems to be saying. No frills, no unnecessary details, just wood to crowd around and the machinery of brewing.  –

Zilker Brewing

1701 E 6th Street, Austin, 78702

The taproom is the creation of our architects at Dick Clark and Associates who along with the founders visualized a place where every aspect of the brewing process is on display. While sitting at the custom bar hand crafted by local artisans at Petrified Design, drinking a Zilker Beer is like no other brewery experience in Austin. We are local guys that have decided to follow our passion for beer and craft out a business. We are an urban craft brewery and taproom in the heart of East Austin brewing for the love of it. Focused on quality beer, fostering community, and craft beer accessibility. The brewery is located in Historic East Austin just 1 mile from the heart of Downtown Austin. –

Cedar Park, Georgetown, Round Rock

Barrow Brewing Co.

108 Royal Street, Salado,

Barrow Brewing Co. brews Texas craft beers in a restored 1950’s granary. This small town microbrewery offers great craft beer in a warm welcoming enviormnet. They believe in quality, sustainability, and community. –

Bluebonnet Beer Company

1700 Bryant Dr. #107, Round Rock, 78664

Craft brewery in Round Rock, Texas. Year-round offerings include Cream Ale, American Amber Ale, Texas Pecan Brown Ale, and an American IPA. Established in 2013, Bluebonnet Beer Company is the materialization of a dream for nearly 10 years in the making. The husband and wife team of David and Clare Hulama work out of a tiny brewery in Round Rock, Texas with one goal in mind – To share flavorful, award-winning craft beers with you, our family, friends, and community. If you come by the brewery taproom on the weekends, you may even see their children pitching in to run the bar or wash the glassware. It truly is a family business! Look for Bluebonnet Beers in finer establishments in and around the Round Rock area. –

Bull Creek Brewing

7100 FM 3405, Liberty Hill, 78642

Bull Creek Brewing Company is in the process of transitioning to a Farm Brewery. The transition will allow us to control the production of supplemental brewing ingredients to produce seasonal and small-batch brews for limited distribution and for our Tap Room Guests. We will also be adding some four-legged critters along with some two-legged, feathered friends. We offer brewery tours to the public when weather and production schedules allow. Tour visitors may purchase our latest brews and seasonal offerings for on-premise consumption before and after their tour. Tour groups are limited to 20 persons. Our neighbors and patrons enjoy the laid-back and friendly atmosphere of our patio for an occasional get-together or a little day sippin’. The patio area is open to all our friends on Saturday afternoons. Food trucks and trailers are sometimes available at the brewery on Saturdays; however, our guests are always welcome to bring their own snacks to enjoy with our brews. –

Flix Brewhouse

2200 Interstate 35 Frontage Rd, Round Rock, TX 78681

Flix Brewhouse is not your typical microbrewery but America’s only first-run Cinema Brewery. Enjoy the newest blockbuster movies, amazing on-site brewed beer, and delectable hand-made food all in one place. Flix Brewhouse is fortunate enough to have some of the most skilled brewers in the country putting their own twist on malt, hops, and yeast. After the movie is over feel free to hang out in the bar or lobby area to try the rest of the beers we have on tap. –

Pinthouse Pizza

2800 Hoppe Trail, Round Rock, TX 78681

Pinthouse Pizza was founded by six guys who share a passion for craft beer and good food. We love Austin, and we are excited to help contribute to the energy and originality that make Austin a vibrant community. Our goal is to serve award-winning beer and hand-crafted pizza in a warm and casual setting. From our hops vendors to our produce supplier to our sausage house and to our soda distributor, Pinthouse Pizza focuses on quality and sustainability. Where possible, we’ve worked to source locally and organic to support both the ecology and our friends and neighbors. Pinthouse Pizza is a member brewery, and our Director of Brewing – Joe Mohrfeld is a past board member and chaired the education and safety committee. Pinthouse Pizza is a craft brewpub. Our goal: to serve award-winning beer and amazing pizza in a warm and inviting atmosphere. –

Red Horn Coffee House & Brewing Co.

13010 W. Parmer Ln. #800, Cedar Park, 78613

Red Horn Coffee House and Brewing Co. was founded in 2014 through a passion for artisan coffee and craft beer, and profound entrepreneurial spirits. The coffee and beer business model are rooted in much earlier years, but due to life stages and timing, the concept-to-business timing took awhile to align with the stars. Today, we’re fortunate enough that our dream has become a reality and we’re able to share our passions with you. Being locally owned and owner-operated, we do business under a very simple mission: Do good. Be positive. Have fun. We love the hell out of good coffee and we love the hell out of good beer, and we want you to love the hell out of both with us. We take great pride in what we make, what we serve, and our moral compass. Ultimately, we’ve designed Red Horn to be a welcoming place with good vibes and quality products and services. We invite you to share in our passions and come hang out with us. –

Rentsch Brewery

2500 NE Inner Loop, Georgetown, 78626

Rentsch Brewery was founded by father and son David and Andrew Rentschler. The inspiration for opening a brewery began in Europe where Andrew was studying German. He also picked up the extracurricular activity of ‘studying’ Biergartens, where he noticed that the focus was enjoying the quality of local craft beers. In addition, they provided a place for friends and family to gather and leisurely hang out and enjoy each others’ company. Andrew’s family met him in Europe during a break in his studies, and he shared his concept with them. It was at a Biergarten that the dream for Rentsch Brewery began. Our rapid expansion presented itself as a perfect opportunity to live up to one of our core values of being an environmentally responsible business. We made special investments to ensure our brewery equipment is completely electric. –

San Gabriel River Brewery

500 Chaparral Drive, Liberty Hill, 78641

The San Gabriel River Brewery is the Brain Child of John and Patrick Peck. John has been a homebrewer for many years and when Patrick moved to Texas a few years ago they started doing this together. They had people try their beer and found that a lot of them really liked it, so they decided to do it full scale and put it out there for everyone to enjoy. The Brewery is located on 7 acres of property just outside of Liberty Hill Texas on the San Gabriel River. Right now the operation is small but hopes that it will take off which will allow them to expand to make bigger batches. The brewery is located at 500 Chaparral Drive, Liberty Hill Texas 78642. We have two large outdoor spaces, including a big stage for live music.  –

Texas Beer Co

201 N. Main St., Taylor, 76574

The Texas Beer Co. has been proudly brewing their craft beers since 2016 and opened their brewey in 2016 in beutiful downtown Taylor. Hang out at their taproom, enjoy some delisious local food, check out trivia night and if your lucky enjoy some live music.  –

Whitestone Brewery

601 E. Whitestone Blvd. #500, Cedar Park, 78613

We call ourselves Whitestone not just because we’re located on Whitestone Blvd. in Cedar Park. This stone has been a signature of the community, which is what we strive to be as a Brewery. The stone is engrained in everyone’s lives, whether it be from the house they live in, the place they work, and now the beer they drink. We care about the people and relationships we make and our personal happiness comes from finding the common thing that brings us closer together, almost like a family. Naturally, we chose beer as the vehicle for that! We’re passionate about beer, sure. But it’s really the conversation and experience that results from the beer that we’re passionate about.  –