Indie Beer Movement

Here in Austin, we’re nationally known for our live music and stellar craft beer scene. People come from all over the world to drink beer with us, and you can expect to find a “craft beer menu” in just about any local establishment that serves alcohol. Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news for craft beer lovers: Craft is dead. Yeah, dead.

Serious beer people are calling it Indie Beer now.

In Austin and elsewhere, some independently owned brewing companies are now promoting the term Indie Beer to distinguish their beer from stuff masquerading as “craft.”

To the uninitiated, that might sound like craft beer enthusiasts are taking themselves a bit too seriously. In Austin. Because this is where craft beer lovers come to drink.

As more and more industry giants purchase small local brands and/or churn out “crafty beers” of their own, the term “craft beer” gets diluted down to a marketing concept. So when you order a craft beer, you may end up drinking something created by a huge global conglomerate rather than an artisan beer brewed by a small local operation.

The good news is that even though the concept of “craft” has been co-opted, and even though some favorite local breweries have sold out to Big Beer, Austin is still a great place to get killer beer brewed by privately owned companies.

At Brewery Tours Austin, we’re happy to take you and your crew to any local breweries of your choosing. But if you only run with diehard beer lovers who want to keep it Indie and you need some guidance on where to find the best Indie breweries in town, we’re your man. All you gotta do is ask!

Let’s go get some beer!

If you’ve ever joined us at Austin Brewery Tours for our brewery tours, then you may already know how we work. If not, then here are a few important details you’ll want to keep in mind.

We offer public and private tours. This means you have the option of hiring one of our vehicles for your party of 2 to 14 any day, at any time, to any breweries of your choosing or purchasing individual tickets to join one of our pre-scheduled tours.

The price of our public tours includes visits to 2 to 3 breweries of our choosing, transportation, food, tasters, and gratuities for brewery staff.

The price of our private tours is per vehicle per hour. You choose which breweries to visit and how many. We’ll help with suggestions if you like. We can also provide a package deal that includes the food, tasters, and gratuities, or you can choose to pay for them yourself.

We’re psyched to take you out for some beer!

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